Kenya’s Rorschach Test.

And it has come to pass:

The Jubilee ticket of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, which was cobbled together as a counter-weight to the charges of crimes against humanity the two face at The Hague, is now poised to lead the very people they are accused of committing the crimes against! Presidential and vice-presidential candidates Uhuru and Ruto dared the International Criminal Court (ICC) to try and convict the now president- and VP-elect of Kenya; a country, hitherto March 4, 2013, a favorite of the west. Their decision to run for the presidency even as they faced the possibility of being convicted by the ICC ergo becoming personas non grata in some of Kenya’s most important allies was in my opinion, the height of hubris and arrogance. On the other hand, show me a politician who is not arrogant or self-assured and I will show you a loser!

Mr. Kenyatta and Mr. Ruto basically told Kenyans, who apparently agreed with them to the tune of 50% + 1, that their presidential (read personal) aspirations were more important than respect and reverence, indeed justice for the thousands of Kenyans who were murdered and displaced from their homes by the violence the two are accused of fomenting!

In an apparent response to the charges against the two by the ICC, the majority that voted for the Uhuru/Ruto ticket answered several questions. In a near-Rorschach Test response, the voters said the following:

  1. We are not serious about eradicating the culture of impunity and entitlement, especially if it means holding to account one of “our” own!
  2. Yes we are all “Kenyans” but primary allegiance and loyalty is to the tribe.
  3. We have selective memory: Don’t be vague! Go to The…er…never mind!
  4. While it is shameful and sad that so many of our fellow citizens were murdered and displaced from their land in 2007, the shame and sadness was not enough to allow those “other” guys to become president!
  5. Even though we live in an inter-dependent world, we are a sovereign nation and will act in our self-interest, even at the risk of inflicting (economic) damage to the country we “love.” National pride is more important than economic relationships; unless I need to invest my millions in foreign bank accounts or buy flats in London or New York.
  6. The enemy of my enemy is my friend! Russia and China are now our newest BFF! Besides, the Cold War is so 1960s!

The euphoria of Jubilee’s victory notwithstanding, tis the contention of the ICC that the coalition’s principals – Messer’s Kenyatta and Ruto – instigated Kenyans to murder, permanently scar and displace fellow Kenyans because they voted for the “wrong” candidate from the “wrong” tribe in the “wrong” part of THEIR country during the 2007 elections! As callous as this may sound, it is apropos that two individuals charged with crimes (against humanity) are now poised to become the leaders of a country whose image is synonymous with crimes, albeit of corruption and impunity!

I am glad that Ms. Fatou Bensouda the Chief Prosecutor of the ICC has called their bluff and despite dropping charges against Mr. Muthaura, is pressing on with the charges against the two – Uhuru and Ruto. This is extremely important for those who want justice for the post-election violence (PEV) of 2007/2008 and an end to the culture of impunity Kenya is notorious for.

Messer’s Uhuru and Ruto may eventually beat back the charges they face at The Hague. However, it will cost them a pretty penny, earn them the qualifier former crimes-against-humanity-suspect alongside the title “President” or “VP” of Kenya respectively. Finally, facing a force (ICC) more powerful and with deeper pockets than the two will force them and others like them to think long and hard before fomenting violence against the weak and innocent just to retain power.

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